Location:  Edmonton

This is Spring??

Oh, yes, I forgot that is in Canada.





The negotiation process on a small scale


Some one left the cage door open last night....Skippy ran away.

[scroll down]





and Skippy has Run away







And has joined the circus!




ENJOY THE DAY....and remember if you can't embarrass your kids...who else will?---Shirley





Mother's Day Contribution




The latest thing in replaceable Phone housings ---

Face plate for the C332 starring our 3 hamsters: Scooter, Skittles & Skippy.



FISH  'Bowl'

zone 27, former showhome in Carlton.

I live for discoveries like this!




This special Nebraska technique for hauling livestock has proven so popular that it has been adapted in Iraq  -  see below  -- 







Think the Hippo will catch me if I just run in the store for a minute?







Have a great Victoria Day weekend!







Skippy at a singles b'ar








Reason # 9 why hamsters should not swim in the sea.












The End