A Tour of the Golden Gate Bridge

section 1

A look at the bridge and Fort Point from southern observation point


The white covering is where the painters are working currently.  

There is always a crew painting the bridge.


Road below is auto access to the Fort Point area.  

They do not show well, but there are 2 military Hummers down near the point.

Alcatraz Island as seen from the same site east of the bridge

Proof that we were there and that it was windy


There are 3 or more surfers down there in the water

Big ship leaving the SF bay going out to sea

Same ship

Crane was being used by the painting crew apparently

Lets walk across the bridge

Take a look back towards San Francisco from the bridge walkway

At least you do not have to dodge cars on the walk, just bikes

Look back towards city again

Looking down onto Fort Point

The round things were gun turrets

Look out east  -  see Alcatraz and city with Bay Bridge in background

Sorry, no turning back now

A look back at Fort Point from further down the bridge

Looking back towards the city again