My webcam


  My webcam  


The following 2 pictures show the location of the camera taking the yard picture above


The camera is a HIKvision DS-2CD2032-I IR network camera

3.0 Mp w/2048 x 1536 max image resolution



  My webcam 3  

This picture is from the Redundant system and may be old data


Weather Underground Webcam test picture


This link may take you to a live on line view from the camera

It is suggested you use the Google Chrome browser.   IE can work but will be asking you to down load and install a Blue Iris ActiveX add on.


If the link above does not work try going to the following site and select the "WAN access" option:

Yard Cam


This should bring up a page named Blue Iris Remote View.

It should open up with a live camera picture.

note on the left there are 3 sections. Top box has Yard Cam. To get back to the live yard cam click on this.

Next down see a selection of Clips: alerts, al clips, or flagged.

You may want to select a clips. That will include snapshots I may have taken. The alerts are just those that the software saved due to motion or some strange contrast change.

Below that see first frame clips of various alerts or snapshots.

Below that see a directory type listing with the file name being the date and time the pix was taken.  Click on one of these to see an approximately 10 sec clip taken after the alert was detected.


/* The following added to show the camera pix in large format for Vizio TV 1920 x 1080 */

  My webcam 3