Fond du Lac,  Wisconsin 

Hunters Grove, Fond du Lac (D22)

Hunters Grove II, Fond du Lac (D116)

Shortcut to Fond du Lac area Weather Radar

Hayward,  Wisconsin  

Lake Cabin, Hayward, Wi.

Farm Site, Stone Lake, Wi.

Fremont,  California

South Sundale Fremont

South Sundale Fremont -- Weewx

Rushville,  Nebraska


Raymond,  South Dakota

Ralph's Raymond System (MO3)

Ralph's Raymond System (MO4)

Burbank,  California

Burbank Personal Weather Station near Wilma and Bruce


Thanks to changes made by Weather Underground and their associated establishments,

I can no longer present the various Site Banners with specific location weather data that you may

have previoiusly observed on this site.

This change seemed to come at about the same time WU designated on their website that 

they are an IBM company.   ?????? You figure out what happened.

Current Conditions and Forecast Maps  -  US Temperature Map  Another messed up link.

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Link to City One

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WebCam Monitor - Hunter

Blue Iris UI3 - (this only works at home) o

Recent WebCam observations

Hunter View

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