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New Pictures Posted 2/02/2003 Click Here
Christmas '02 Posted 2/05/03 Click Here
Back Yard Visitors 2/15/03 Click Here
Golden Gate Park 3/18/03 Click Here
Golden Gate Bridge I 3/19/03 Click Here
Golden Gate Bridge II 3/20/03 Click Here
Fisherman's Warf 3/22/03 Click Here
The Realtor's Dream 3/31/03 Click Here
Filoli - Garden I  4/07/03 Click Here
First Flowers of Spring 4/21/03 Click Here
Spring Update 4/27/03 Click Here
What if Iraq Won 5/2/03 Click Here
Flower Update 5/14/03 Click Here
Winter to Spring Transition  Click Here

Various Sites of Interest:

5 Free Pictures per Day 4/07/03 Click Here
Filoli while you wait for more pictures Their Site
Iraqi Information Minister site 4/21/03 Click Here
The Oxby Connection 5/14/03 Wierd Stuff here


Those of you with either a broadband connection or the patience to wait for a long file to load try the following:

The Beach at Pacifica Video
Steam Train Rolling Video
BlondStar Commercial Play

Note: the pictures presented have nearly all been downsized for faster network transfer. Anyone wanting to retain any of these pictures should send me an email and I will send higher resolution version



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